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FBO NAME: Sierra Academy of Aeronautics RATING: 1 (worst)

AIRPORT: Castle Airport (KMER)
CITY: Atwater, CA
VISITED: 5/15/12
COMMENTS: Scary Airplanes! Owners only care about profit not safety. FAA grounded whole fleet this spring for non-compliance of ADs. 1 plane totaled so far this year, average 1 totaled annually since 2008. Housing is infested with pests and campus is run down and ugly. Recruiter will lie to you about conditions, ask hard questions.
REVIEWER: Julie; jutibbs85@gmail.com

FBO NAME: American Winds Flight Academy RATING: 1 (worst)

AIRPORT: Akron Fulton International (AKR)
CITY: Akron, OH
VISITED: Various
COMMENTS: This is a horrible flight school. Students and instructors alike need to run!!! Sure, they say you get $20 an hour, but that's RARE. You are forced to teach ground school for free and take students on discovery flights for free. The crazy lady that owns the school will black mail the instructors into doing free work. If you dont do it, she'll take your students away or give new students to the other instructors. This is because they are cheap, lazy, greedy, and broke!!! They can't pay you anything because they have no students. When the students do come in, they nickel and dime them. They come up with fees and reasons to take their money. DO NOT HAVE ANY INVOLVEMENT WITH THIS SCHOOL!!!.
REVIEWER: Mike; oldnavy3684@yahoo.com

FBO NAME: Vista Aviation RATING: 3 (ok)

AIRPORT: Whiteman Airport (WHP)
CITY: Pacoima, CA
VISITED: Various
COMMENTS: Has qualified instructors with attractive rates for both aircraft and instruction but some of the instructors don't dispense enough information during the lesson. This seems to make the training process last longer than it needs to.
REVIEWER: Mike; mike@hotmail.com

FBO NAME: Flight! Nebraska Group RATING: 2 (poor)

AIRPORT: Eppley Airfield (OMA)
VISITED: Fall 2010
COMMENTS: This flight school was good to start off with, but has really gone downhill since last year. It is located in the TacAir facility, so the jets get serviced first. The people at the flight school, however, do not tell TacAir to pull the planes until you get there, and I waited at least an hour EVERY SINGLE TIME I wanted to go flying. I talked to the owner multiple times, but nothing every changed. Next, the maintenance is very shabby. The planes are decent, and are average rental planes. However, if something goes wrong with them, they just mask the problem, and tell you, "It's not a big deal, we will fix it on its 100 hour". There were several times where the magnetos caused the rpms to drop over 400 and they told me it wasnt a big deal. This then caused the engine to cough on me. In another airplane, the heading indicator adjustment knob was broken, as was the magnetic compass. This posed problems when we were in actual instrument conditions, and we had no clue as to where wer werw. In another airplane, the door popped open and the radios went out in the same flight. When I asked why that happened, they said it does that sometimes. I would not suggest flying with FNG, and I am glad I do not fly with them anymore.
REVIEWER: andrewhflies@yahoo.com

FBO NAME: Universal Air Academy RATING: 1 (worst)

AIRPORT: El Monte Airport (EMT)
CITY: El Monte, CA
VISITED: 5/20/09
COMMENTS: Universal USED to be the best, but they're going downhill fast. The owners achieved Part 141 status in 2008...and it went to their head. They became greedy, and it shows is everything they do. They cut costs everywhere possible in order to maximize profit. Sure, the nature of business is to do just that, but great and successful companies don't compromise Customer Service in the process. Universal has made those mistakes. The momeny you express discontent, they will use "the fine print" to take everything possible from you. The owners are not trustworthy, are greedy, and are dishonest. Avoid this Flight School like the plague. If you need a Part 141 Flight School in the LA area, American Flyers is pretty much it. If Part 61 works for you, check out Ballard Aviation (KPOC), LA Flight Center (KEMT), and Beach Cities Aviation (KHHR).
REVIEWER: Peter; bigkris34@yahoo.com

FBO NAME: CAMS Flight RATING: 5 (best)

AIRPORT: St. Petersburg-Clearwater International (PIE)
CITY: Clearwater, FL
VISITED: 3/13/09
COMMENTS: After working with a couple of different schools to earn my PPL that didn't work out I ran across CAMS in the phonebook. I called them looking for info and all of the questions I asked were answered! I didn't get the standard, "You will need to ask an instructor" or, "Come out here and we can tell you more." I got more of an open invitation to come and take a look! Make a long story short I completed the remaining part of my PPL. Later on I moved a good distance away tried to find somewhere closer to home to do my Instrument rating. I did a check out or two here and there but nothing went well and I found the prices were not close to what I was paying at CAMS. After being fed up with high prices and many CFIs that were more worried about their "ground time" than what I was learning, I started making the drive back to CAMS weekly. It is a long 95 miles each way but after weighing the cost savings, it is worth the money it takes to get there and back. To add to this place, I have never seen flight school that maintains their training A/C in such good shape! Everything always works as it should and if something does break (we all know it happens) they typically fix it with in a day or two! To sum this up, CAMS has good prices, equipment you can trust, and a staff that is always willing to help! Highly recommended!
REVIEWER: Zack Durbin ; the1mailbox@yahoo.com

FBO NAME: Golden State Flying Club RATING: 5 (best)

AIRPORT: Gillespie Field (SEE)
CITY: El Cajon, CA
VISITED: 10/1/08
COMMENTS: Golden State staff are very friendly. The ground school instructor answers every question and a video of the class are posted online. Flight instruction is great, makes learning to fly easy and fun like I was hoping for.
REVIEWER: gscott@officezilla.com

FBO NAME: Resort Aviation RATING: 5 (best)

AIRPORT: Coeur D'Alene Air Term (COE)
CITY: Coeur D'Alene, ID
VISITED: 1/15/2007
COMMENTS: Very nice office/lounge, free wifi, prompt and courteous help. IFR equipped C172 for instruction at the best price in the area. Rental cars available.
REVIEWER: bradt.2006@gmail.com

FBO NAME: Gauntlet Warbirds RATING: 5 (best)

AIRPORT: Aurora Municipal (ARR)
CITY: Aurora, IL
VISITED: Various
COMMENTS: I came to Gauntlet Warbirds a year ago for some spin training. I really loved the flight and kept coming back for more aerobatic flying. The instruction is by far the best I've ever had, and the instructors are extremely qualified. Their Decathlon is always hangared and in excellent condition. As a recently minted private pilot, I think that I may have learned more about flying since taking aerobatic lessons than I did from my primary training. Gauntlet Warbirds is well worth the price.
REVIEWER: Scott Duncan; inverted8KCAB@hotmail.com

FBO NAME: Race Point Aviation RATING: 5 (best)

AIRPORT: Provincetown Municipal (PVC)
CITY: Provincetown, MA
VISITED: 8/20/07
COMMENTS: This is a really good small outfit. The two instructors Roger (PPL Instructor) and Russ (Advanced Instructor)are both very helpful. After a difficult time trying to get through IR training at a big school in Florida with more than 5 instructors in 4 weeks, I changed to our local FBO and was quickly rewarded with excellent training and support culminating in a skills test pass. Highy recommended, and good aircraft, 2 180 HP Cessna 172's available for rental too at very reasonable rates.
REVIEWER: Robert Woodwards; bob_woodwards@hotmail.com

FBO NAME: Alaska Floats and Skis RATING: 5 (best)

AIRPORT: Christiansen Lake SPB (AK8)
CITY: Talkeetna, AK
VISITED: 7/27/07
COMMENTS: Three days with Don Lee on Christiansen Lake in Talkeetna, Alaska may be the most fun AND the most learning you have ever had flying. Drive a couple hours north of Anchorage to Alaska Floats and Skis. Don will put you and your family up in a cabin and take good care of you during your visit. I got my float rating with Don last year in a Piper PA-20 flying around Denali and landing on the numerous lakes around Talkeetna. This year I got my tail wheel endorsement flying a super cub and landing on gravel bars in the Susitna River, the rock strip on the top of Bald Mountain (2AK7) and a bunch of grass strips around Talkeetna (including the Talkeetna village strip). Amazing. Here's Don's site alaskafloats.com.
REVIEWER: Scott Morrow; morrowscott@hotmail.com

FBO NAME: Cornerstone Aviation RATING: 1 (never again)

CITY: Salt Lake City, UT
VISITED: Various
COMMENTS: Just wanted to say my wonderful experice with corner stone aviation. NOT!!!!!! Susan the woman who owns the place... screwed me and several others, there is also some very haunting stories about her and her lies to run other flight schools out of business in Ogden. take your money else where, unless you like to be taken advantage of.
REVIEWER: Susan None; looovetofly@yahoo.com

FBO NAME: Ramp 66 RATING: 5 (best)

AIRPORT: Grand Strand (CRE)
CITY: North Mrytle Beach, SC
VISITED: 7/24/07
COMMENTS: Very modern and equiped FBO, fuel, repairs, flight school, rental planes available and in good condition. I would recommend.
REVIEWER: Jim Phelps; jphelps@parrishtire.com

FBO NAME: Premier Flight Academy RATING: 5 (best)

AIRPORT: Cuyahoga County (CGF)
CITY: Cleveland, OH
VISITED: 7/25/07
COMMENTS: Great planes, great instructors, fabulous location, outstanding service. Late model fleet of Cessnas with low hours many features, G1000 glass.
REVIEWER: Blake N. Rawson; brawson@neo.rr.com

FBO NAME: Airsports Aviation RATING: 5 (best)

AIRPORT: Burke Lakefront (BKL)
CITY: Cleveland, OH
VISITED: 7/14/07
COMMENTS: Great planes, great instructors, fabulous location, outstanding service. Late model fleet of Cessnas with low hours many features, G1000 glass.
REVIEWER: Blake N. Rawson; brawson@neo.rr.com

FBO NAME: Solo Aviation RATING: 4 (very good)

AIRPORT: Ann Arbor
CITY: Ann Arbor, MI
VISITED: 5/22/07
COMMENTS: Nice new FBO, with very reasonable rates. Cheapest Arrow and Duchess I've been able to find in the state. Fleet: 2 C150's, $66/hour wet. 1 172, and 1 Cherokee 140, $85/hour wet. Piper Arrow, $113/hour wet. Turbocharged C182, with G1000, $150/hour wet. Beech Duchess, $185/hour wet. Flight instructors, $40/hour I've only seen the Arrow and Duchess, both seemed well maintained, and the interior of the Arrow is in really good condition. Also, the Arrow has working electric trim, and roll/heading autopilot. They offer a Garmin 396 color handheld GPS, with XM weather datalink, for $10 per rental. Overall good FBO, nice feel, friendly people.
REVIEWER: detpilot@msn.com

FBO NAME: Great Lakes Aviation Services RATING: 4 (very good)

AIRPORT: Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International
CITY: Kalamazoo, MI
VISITED: 5/22/07
COMMENTS: 2 newer C172R's, both with IFR certified GPS and autopilot, and one with an HSI, $115/hour wet. 1 older 172M, $100/hour wet. One Piper Arrow with Garmin 430, $140/hour wet. Offer accelerated CFI and CFII courses. Friendly staff, co-located with a 24 hour Duncan, makes after hour rentals a breeze. C172R's are a bit pricey, but worth it for IFR trips.
REVIEWER: detpilot@msn.com

FBO NAME: Dodgen Aircraft RATING: 3 (ok)

AIRPORT: Padgham Field (35D)
CITY: Allegan, MI
VISITED: 5/24/07
COMMENTS: Fleet consists of 2 Warriors ($90/hour wet), a Cherokee 180 ($95/hour), 2 150's ($67/hour), a 172 ($90/hour), an Arrow ($120/hour), and a Seneca (Down for repairs, $229/hour wet). The aircraft are old, maint. could be better. The arrow is down often, the seneca will be down for a few months. The seneca has a GPS, one warrior has a Loran. They also run a paint shop which gets pretty good reviews.
REVIEWER: detpilot@msn.com

FBO NAME: Tampa North Flight Center RATING: 5 (best)

AIRPORT: Tampa North Aero Park (X39)
CITY: Tampa, FL
VISITED: 5/19/07
COMMENTS: Tampa North is an excellent location for pilots. The thing that excited me about the airport is that they have late model Cessna's with the latest navigation equipment. I also like the service of the people. For example, last week when I was scheduled to fly at 11AM, Melissa called me to let me know that there was a cancellation and that I could fly earlier if I wanted. I had called earlier in the week to confirm my time and wondered if there were any earlier time cancellations. She had rememberered that and called to let me know of the cancellation. I was able to get up earlier and that was better for my schedule. They also have a number of very highly qualified instructors which I have utilized several times.
REVIEWER: Tony Nelli; tnelli@mynattinsurance.com

FBO NAME: Bristol Aviation RATING: 5 (best)

AIRPORT: Taunton Municipal - King Field (TAN)
CITY: Taunton, MA
VISITED: 4/26/07
COMMENTS: Supurb flight instruction by CFI Jaun. Helps you get the most out of every minute. Location is great. Old field feel.
REVIEWER: Aaron Deos; c2deos@comcast.net

FBO NAME: Big Sky Aviation RATING: 5 (best)

AIRPORT: Millville Municipal (MIV)
CITY: Millville, NJ
VISITED: 3/22/07
COMMENTS: Outstanding service and friendly people.
REVIEWER: Larry Pratt; LGPrattmed@comcast.net

FBO NAME: Spanaflight RATING: 4 (very good)

AIRPORT: Pierce County - Thun Field (PLU)
CITY: Puyallup, WA
VISITED: 4/5/07
COMMENTS: They have a wide variety of aircraft (152, 172,172 w/gps,Piper Warrior II, Piper Arrow, Dutches) and a good sized staff of instructors. They offer instruction from primary through ATP. My experience with the instructors has almost always been positive, and the mechanics and office staff are always helpful and courteous.
REVIEWER: Gene Casey; genenliz@mashell.com

FBO NAME: Woodstock Aircraft RATING: 5 (best)

AIRPORT: Sullivan County International (MSV)
CITY: Monticello, NY
VISITED: 7/17/06
COMMENTS: This place is amazing. They are nice and understanding. I took lots of lessons out of here. Neil is an amazing instructor and the FBO has just about everything you want from a small airport and more. Also, The plane is maintained quite well.
REVIEWER: Samuel; jerryk3@excite.com

FBO NAME: Diamond Aviation RATING: 5 (best)

AIRPORT: San Carlos Airport (SQL)
CITY: San Carlos, CA
VISITED: 3/17/07
COMMENTS: I completed my private pilot training at Diamond Aviation at KSQL in July 2005 and have been renting and training there since. The instructors are top notch and the desk staff are always friendly and helpful with schedule changes. The online scheduler is great. The aircraft are all new (2001 and later, and many with class cockpits). In addition to the simulator, the thirteen aircraft range from Katanas and a Diamond Star to 172SPs, 182s, and a Cirrus SR20. The tower is very helpful in busy airspace and will happily get you a squawk for getting into SFO Class Bravo. Sky Kitchen is a great place to grab a bite to eat while watching the runway. Diamond also hosts FAA safety classes through SPANS. Nothing but good things to say about Diamond.

FBO NAME: Chambers County RATING: 5 (best)

AIRPORT: Chambers County (T00)
CITY: Anahuac, TX
VISITED: 3/15/07
COMMENTS: Chambers County Airport is nestled off Lake Anahuac in Anahuac, Tx. About 50 miles east of Houston, Anahuac is a small rural town that holds alot of history civil war era. Manager Ron Jackson is a career pilot, flying corporate to rotary aircraft with about 30,000 hours and is a CFI. Offers hangars at a reasonable price and fuel that is usually $1 cheaper than anyone else in the area. Courtesy cars available if you decide to fly in and enjoy the rich history of the town. A great place to visit and see either wildlife refuge, grab a bite to eat. If you are a bird watcher, there are hundreds of different species that are enjoyed by people from all over the country.
REVIEWER: Phillip LaBarbera; phillip18455@yahoo.com

FBO NAME: Executive Flight School RATING: 5 (best)

AIRPORT: Waterbury-Oxford (OXC)
CITY: Oxford, CT
VISITED: 3/21/07
COMMENTS: Friendly courteous service and smiles here - nice people, reasonable prices and great service.
REVIEWER: Robert Tappan; robtappan@yahoo.com

FBO NAME: Air America Flight Center RATING: 5 (best)

AIRPORT: Daytona Beach International (DAB)
CITY: Daytona Beach, FL
VISITED: 3/17/07
COMMENTS: Great fleet of well maintained aircraft from a $66 per/HR IFR Cessna 152 to a Garmin G1000 equipped Cessna 182 for $149 per/HR, and just about everything in-between. Beech Duchess Twins as well. The staff is friendly and the instructors are TOP NOTCH. I finished my private there and am starting on my instrument rating.
REVIEWER: Sean C.; stogiec@gmail.com

FBO NAME: New Braunfels Aero RATING: 4 (very good)

AIRPORT: New Braunfels Municipal (BAZ)
CITY: New Braunfels, TX
VISITED: 3/1/07
REVIEWER: Kelly Allison; kallison@centurytel.net

FBO NAME: Kemper Aviation/Rohan Aviation RATING: 2 (poor)

AIRPORT: Palm Beach County Park (LNA)
CITY: West Palm Beach, FL
VISITED: 11/18/06
COMMENTS: Depending on your age they might do a good job in getting you all your ratings. As a working family man that has to divide his time between work, wife and kids and dogs they really perform poorly. Too many promises no results... the only result is that your money your borrowed flies out of the window, basically you are funding some instructors time building. If you are like me and you want to make a career change go to a structured flight school.
REVIEWER: Herman Tuinhof de Moed; aviationh@hotmail.com

FBO NAME: Classic Aviation RATING: 5 (best)

AIRPORT: Addison (ADS)
VISITED: 3/1/07
COMMENTS: Owned/run by a nice lady (Cassie) who only hires friendly CFIs. Rates are equal to or slightly lower than others at the field.
REVIEWER: Eric Leuty; skylinepacific@sbcglobal.net

FBO NAME: Rolling Hills RATING: 5 (best)

AIRPORT: Torrance Zamperini Field (TOA)
VISITED: 1/23/07
COMMENTS: Nice place for training. Tower people very friendly.
REVIEWER: Geovanni A Lopez; geovanni6@sbcglobal.net

FBO NAME: White Air RATING: 5 (best)

AIRPORT: Chanute Martin Johnson (CNU)
VISITED: 10/30/06
COMMENTS: Excellent Instruction and Rates
REVIEWER: Van Ward; modbug@cableone.net

FBO NAME: Southernaire RATING: 4 (very good)

AIRPORT: Tupelo Regional (TUP)
VISITED: 8/8/06
COMMENTS: Excellent friendly service. Full service facility (fuel/maintenance/CFI's...). They go the extra mile to help. Reasonable pricing.
REVIEWER: Larry Higdon; LarryHigdonTX@aol.com

FBO NAME: Fly By Knight RATING: 5 (best)

AIRPORT: Hammond Northshore Regional (HDC)
VISITED: 7/8/06
COMMENTS: Fly By Knight offers flight instruction in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. The quality of the instruction can't be beat. With several Instructors, scheduling is never a problem. Their fleet includes a Piper Vagabond, 1 Cessna 150, 2 Garmin 430 equiped Piper Warriors, 1 Cessna 172RG, and a Grumman Cougar. All aircraft are also available for rental. They also have charts, pilot supplies, and snacks. HDC is located at Hammond, Louisiana, on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain, with easy access to New Orleans. If you're ever in the area, stop in visit with Sharon and Steven Knight. You'll be glad you did.
REVIEWER: Denis Boudreaux; djbn5uge@aol.com

FBO NAME: Aerodyne Corporation (Repair) RATING: 5 (best)

AIRPORT: Hampton Roads Executive (PVG)
VISITED: 5/28/06
COMMENTS: Very good repair station. Full service with oxygen, cylinder repairs, engine overhauls, annual inspections, airframe repairs. A full service avionics repair facility next door.
REVIEWER: j-b-tarkington@msn.com

FBO NAME: California Flight Solutions RATING: 4 (very good)

AIRPORT: Cameron Park (O61)
VISITED: March 6, 2006
COMMENTS: Located in Cameron Park (between Sacramento and Tahoe), California Flight Sulutions offers two well maintained Cessna 172's and one Piper 140. Their friendly staff, low prices and location are ideal for anyone who wishes to rent light aircraft in El Dorado County area (view the breathtaking Sierra Crystal Range from aloft!). Certified Flight Instructors are available. Cameron Park Airport offers two brands of fuel to keep prices competetive and a car rental business and a restaurant all within easy walking distance from the tie-downs adds to the conveniences. Incidentally, the West side of the field features a unique airport residential community where the taxiways are shared by motorists and most homes include hangars.
REVIEWER: Rick Gaylord; sales@telefix.net

FBO NAME: Blue Feather Aero RATING: 5 (very good)

AIRPORT: Dona Ana County At Santa Teresa (5T6)
VISITED: Various
COMMENTS: Great FBO. Dick and Suzie Azar make you feel right at home. Linemen are friendly, best prices in the ELP, LRU area.
REVIEWER: Leonardo Carlos Ocampo; lcocampo@gmail.com

FBO NAME: Rock Hill Aviation RATING: 5 (best)

AIRPORT: Rock Hill/York Co/Bryant Field (UZA)
VISITED: 5/22/06
COMMENTS: Dave and Robin Carlan run a nice operation. Their entire family is involved in the operation and make you feel right at home. Great selection of high and low wing aircraft to rent and a group of flight instructors to meet every need. Multi-Engine aircraft for rent and instruction as well.
REVIEWER: Leland Jackson; lejak@bellsouth.net

FBO NAME: Nassau Fliers RATING: 4 (very good)

AIRPORT: Republic (FRG)
VISITED: 5/5/06
COMMENTS: A sizable fleet of well maintained but older aircraft, both high wing and low wing. A capable staff of CFIs and very helpful and pleasant office staff. Prices are moderate to high for the area but the dependability and availability of rentals makes it worth while.
REVIEWER: Bill; dcnbill@optonline.net

FBO NAME: Hawthorne Piedmont (Fuel) RATING: 4 (very good)

AIRPORT: Norfolk Int'l (ORF)
COMMENTS: My experience is from Q2 2005 when I flew into Norfolk several times. I found the staff extremely helpful and friendly; particularly their local shuttle service and free parking were helpful to me. Flying only a Skyhawk, I worried that my business in the eyes of this FBO wouldn't rank; I was wrong!
REVIEWER: J. Peter Hinge; jphinge@msn.com

FBO NAME: Certified Flyers II RATING: 1 (never again)

AIRPORT: Morristown Municipal (MMU)
COMMENTS: Following a relatively good, early experience training for - and achieving - my private pilot rating in 2004, there was a management change. - I have filed suit to recover the remaining balance of funds advanced against training (gone awry) for an instrument rating.
REVIEWER: J. Peter Hinge; jphinge@msn.com

FBO NAME: Darrell Janson RATING: 5 (best)

AIRPORT: Wadena Municipal (ADC)
VISITED: 2/14/06
COMMENTS: Cessna 150 and 172 rental planes.
REVIEWER: GP Anderson; gpa724@hotmail.com

FBO NAME: Rison Aviation RATING: 5 (best)

AIRPORT: Gillespie Field(SEE)
VISITED: Various
COMMENTS: Kenny is an excellent instructor.
REVIEWER: Name not given; llbcsbiggs@yahoo.com

FBO NAME: Rison Aviation RATING: 5 (best)

AIRPORT: Gillespie Field(SEE)
VISITED: 1/1/04
COMMENTS: Thorough, understanding, intelligent instruction.
REVIEWER: James Wellnitz; 160jimbo@cox.net

FBO NAME: West Mesa Aviation RATING: 4 (very good)

AIRPORT: Double Eagle Ii (AEG)
VISITED: 2/24/06
COMMENTS: GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE. Attention to student needs. Good training environment. Have adequate airplanes and plan ahead to keep them flying and enough A&P to get the required maintenance done without having airplanes grounded for long periods of time. finished my private at West Mesa and will finish up my instrument after struggling with an incompetent aero club.
REVIEWER: Chester Smith; chester@smith.as

FBO NAME: Classic Aviation RATING: 5 (best)

AIRPORT: Addison (ADS)
VISITED: 2/23/06
COMMENTS: Always friendly & courteous; best pricing at KADS for rentals; rental aircraft kept clean and well-serviced.
REVIEWER: Jack R. Lewis; jack@jrl.net

FBO NAME: Harvey & Rihn RATING: 5 (best)

AIRPORT: La Porte Municipal (T41)
VISITED: 2/11/06
COMMENTS: Family-style flight school and FBO, good variety of Cessna's for "standard" flight training as well as several aerobatic and taildraggers for the more daring... Friendly, competent, flexible staff of CFI's, excellent airport, easy to reach, fun to fly along the coast, to GLS and beyond.
REVIEWER: f.hanisch@gmx.de

FBO NAME: CP Aviation RATING: 5 (best)

AIRPORT: Santa Paula (SZP)
VISITED: Various
COMMENTS: CP Aviation is headquartered on the historic Santa Paula Airport, in the equally historic small town of Santa Paula. They offer one of the best flight schools in the region, with a dozen excellent instructors, including world famous Rich Stowell, Master CFI-Acrobatic, who has authored several books on spin training and avoidance, as well as numerous articles on the subject. CP aviation is an authorized Cessna Pilot Center. My experience with the flight school, which includes all my initial training toward my private license, has been excellent. As a student, I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for flight instruction. CP Aviation also offers an excellent maintenance and repair shop headed up by Clay Phelps (the CP of CP Aviation), where they specialize in Cessna 180's and 185's, as well as Citabiras and Decathlons. I've seen numerous other makes and models in the shop as well. While Clay heads up the maintenance and repair facility, his wife Judy manages the office/pilot shop, as well as spending considerable time in the air, instructing pilots. All in all, their very congenial, family like attitude and atmosphere has a strong and inviting personal touch which truly makes one feel comfortable and "at home", whether its sitting around the office talking about your most recent cross-wind, in one ot the classrooms studying or preparing for your next lesson or cross-country flight. By the way, CP Aviation recently opened up another "duplicate" facility at the nearby Oxnard Airport (OXR). It was initially to keep the flight school open and airplane rentals available while floods closed the runway at Santa Paula. Even after Santa Paula repopened with its repaired runway, the Oxnard facility is doing well and just as friendly. I highly recommend CP Aviation at either Santa Paula or Oxnard!
REVIEWER: Lee Danforth; Ld4th@QuixNet.net

FBO NAME: Louisville Aviation RATING: 5 (best)

AIRPORT: Bowman Field (LOU)
VISITED: 2/9/06
COMMENTS: Mike Pratt was great about explaining what the school had to offer and the process of getting my pilot's license. Brad Biggers has been instructing me and has been doing a great job. I was able to solo in just one month of flying. They have been very supportive. Their rates are very reasonable. I have come to trust them completely. I highly recommend them.
REVIEWER: Preston; preston.terry@insightbb.com

FBO NAME: Aviation Adventures RATING: 4 (very good)

AIRPORT: Leesburg Executive (JYO)
VISITED: 1/28/06
COMMENTS: A large school with a big, well maintained fleet and many instructors. Combined with online scheduling makes finding a slot relatively easy. Prices seem to be competitive (although expensive because of being in the D.C. metro area). Occasional club-organized fly-outs makes for more of a sense of community than other clubs. A poorly maintained web site (www.aviationadventures.com) and high instructor turn over prevent a better rating.
REVIEWER: Keith Baldwin; kbaldwin@post.harvard.edu

FBO NAME: Gorge Winds Aviation, Inc. RATING: 5 (best)

AIRPORT: Troutdale (TTD)
VISITED: Various
COMMENTS: I am a rental pilot currently going for my CFI certificate. I have been flying out of Troutdale, Oregon (TTD)for the past six years. It is located on the south bank of the Columbia River about ten miles east of Portland International (PDX). I used rent at another FBO on the field but switched to Gorge Winds about four years ago after the other outfit folded. I cannot recommend Gorge Winds highly enough! They are a Full Service FBO offering a total package of services: fuel, flight planning, on line weather, charter, instruction, and a friendly knowledgeable staff to help you with whatever you need. Lately they have even added a certified Flight Training Device, although I have no personal experience with that. The aircraft available include a C-152 ($61), two C-172s ($84 & $89), a Piper Arrow ($99), a C-182 ($125) and a C-310 ($226). (The twin is available only for Flight Training, not for "rental" due to Insurance Regulations) In addition there is a spacious, comfortable lounge area right on the flight line, as well as rooms available for rest, training, etc. There is a large roster of available Instructors and the local area offers a wide diversity of scenic opportunities including the Columbia River Gorge, Mts. St. Helens, Hood, Adams, Jefferson, and others, and the Pacific Coast is not far away. In short, the local area offers a wealth of scenic beauty and diversity! However...be forewarned: "Gorge Winds" is not an inapt monniker for this FBO. At certain times of the year, the winds at TTD can be formidable! I have regularly flown in winds that approach 40 knots on the field which can make Ground Operations, Take Offs & Landings a handful, to say the least. However...that said, a proper weather briefing prior to Arrival or Departure should alert you as to whether these legendary winds are a factor to be considered. The winds cited are the exception, not the norm, and I would not be put off visiting this outstanding FBO just because we happen to get more winds than most. By the way, TTD is a Controlled airport which offers a good long (5,400'), wide (150') runway on which to practice your skills, if so inclined. Hope to see you here soon!
REVIEWER: Paul Nadas; zenflydad@hotmail.com

FBO NAME: Executive Flyers Aviation RATING: 5 (best)

AIRPORT: Bedford (BED)
VISITED: Various
COMMENTS: Top marks! No reservations. Fabulous flight school offering pretty much anything an aspiring pilot or an accomplished pilot could want. Superb instructors, great equipment, phenomenally helpful staff. Several glass 172s and I think a glass 182 are available for rent along with many more conventionally equipped aircraft.
REVIEWER: John Levinson; Levinson.John@mgh.harvard.edu

FBO NAME: Central Georgia Aviation RATING: 5 (best)

AIRPORT: Perry-Houston County (PXE)
COMMENTS: Great service. Reasonable rental rates. Caring owner. Great little airport.
REVIEWER: Thom Pinkston; Thom.Pinkston@Coxmedia.com

FBO NAME: Signature Austin RATING: 2 (poor)

VISITED: 2/10/06
COMMENTS: I'd like to give Signature a good review, but their fuel and fees for any reason are making flight unaffordable for too many pilots. Heck, I think their name comes from the bills they want you to sign after visiting them! Signature has almost the highest fuel prices in the state, let alone the nation at $5.14 per gallon for 100LL and $5.04 for Jet A. I think this is incredible because it has been around half that only twenty minutes away at local airports. Plus, waiting for clearance and tie down fees add to the overall cost of flying out of Austin. I'd suggest to any pilot to consider flying into Lakeway or another of our close in airports to save at least a dollar or two per gallon over Signature and Trajen at ABIA. Also, I'd check Airnav.com for the latest fuel prices and take on the least amount of fuel possible. This will help keep prices in line for all pilots if we all visit local airports to fill up. And hey, they are more fun anyway! You might even find BBQ on the field.
REVIEWER: Nick; nicklittlejohn@gmail.com

FBO NAME: Southern Flyer Restaurant RATING: 5 (best)

AIRPORT: Brenham Municipal (11R)
VISITED: 2/13/06
COMMENTS: This restaurant is a really good one. They have great $100.00 hamburgers. 11R itself has a fun runway with a fairly steep grade. Combine taking off downhill with a nice headwind and you're off the ground and in the air very quickly.
REVIEWER: Tom Garrison; garrison_household@yahoo.com

FBO NAME: Aero Flight Center RATING: 4 (very good)

AIRPORT: Cobb County, McCollum (RYY)
VISITED: 12/23/05
COMMENTS: A full-service shop, with training, fuel, etc. I have found them very accommodating, especially to a student pilot. The first time I rented a plane there, they gave me their favorable "club" rates, even though I'm not yet a member of their club. They are one of several centers at RYY, Georgia's second-busiest airport, after Hartsfield International and ahead of Columbus, Athens, etc.
REVIEWER: Warren Causey; warren@wbcausey.com

FBO NAME: Flight 101 RATING: 4 (very good)

AIRPORT: Oakland Co. Int'l (PTK)
VISITED: 2/4/06
COMMENTS: Great place to learn how to fly, aircraft mid 70's, seem to be well maintained, 152's block rate $58, reg. rate $68, 172's block rate $76, reg. rate $86. Half the fleet also has Garmin 430 GPS. ( From Archer Bravo Staff: We're expanding in this area soon! Look for more rates in the coming weeks.)
REVIEWER: Tim Bowman; tcbpdb@comcast.net

FBO NAME: Southern Flyer Restaurant RATING: 5 (best)

AIRPORT: Brenham Municipal (11R)
VISITED: 1/15/06
COMMENTS: Awesome friendly service and at the restaurant, the best burgers and other vitals in the area. People drive to the airport to eat.... Authentic 60's diner atmosphere. Highly recommended.
REVIEWER: Len White; lengwhite@cs.com

FBO NAME: Piedmont Triad Flight Training RATING: 5 (best)

AIRPORT: Winston Salem (KINT)
VISITED: 02/09/06
COMMENTS: Great school, great instructors, easy to work with and flexible scheduling, Competitively priced.
REVIEWER: Jim Phelps; jphelps@parrishtire.com

FBO NAME: Diamond Aviation RATING: 5 (best)

VISITED: 1/20/06
COMMENTS: This is one of the best flight schools that I've ever visited for several reasons. The staff is friendly and efficient. The instructors are top notch. The planes are all fairly new and plentiful. And the recently redecorated waiting area is a comfortable place to plan your next flight. Their hourly costs are bit higher than other places, but you definitely pay for what you get.
REVIEWER: ABA Host; admin@archerbravo.com

FBO NAME: Island City Flying Service RATING: 3 (ok)

VISITED: 12/7/05
COMMENTS: After a nice bike ride to the Key West International Airport from my vacation house, I found Island City Flying Service. My excitement for an aerial tour of the island with an instructor was quickly crushed by a rude front desk lady (I wish I got her name) and a 2-day wait for an aircraft. This is vacation, right? Relax. So I came back when I was told, and things quickly got better. My instructor was very knowledgeable. He added a perfect mix of local instruction, humor and overall education about the area. The Cessna 172 was in good condition. Reasonably priced at $89 per hour. We flew for an hour at 500 feet over the beautiful waters of the Keys, and saw turtles, sharks, and yes, the residual damage from a summer of hurricanes - including lots of damage from Wilma. The airport is busy, but manageable - especially with some local help negotiating the radios. Definitely worth it. Just don't hang-out in the pilot's lounge.
REVIEWER: ABA Host; admin@archerbravo.com

FBO NAME: APR Aviation RATING: 4 (very good)

VISITED: 9/24/05
COMMENTS: If you're not coming to Monterey in a jet, then you'll probaby end up parking at APR Aviation. It's a very straightforward FBO offering tie-down, weather services, and fuel. No rentals here. If you're just there to eat at the airport or at the famous wharf, pull-up and park for free for a couple of hours. No need to call ahead. The people are nice. The service is good. It's my go-to in Monterey every time.
REVIEWER: ABA Host; admin@archerbravo.com

FBO NAME: Tropicbird Flight Service RATING: 4 (very good)

VISITED: 7/29/03
COMMENTS: Who wouldn't want to fly around the Big Island of Hawaii? I arrived in what was nothing more than a portable at the Kona Airport, and was greeted by a nice flight instructor who hustled us out to the flight line. Awaiting me was an older model Cessna 182. The preflight was a bit rushed, and he did most of the taxiing and radio work. Being that this was my first-ever flight in a 182, I wanted more of a lesson, but clearly he wanted to get off the ground. Once we did, I quickly learned how this plane was different from the 172 trainers I had been flying. After some low flying near the steeps cliffs made famous in the movie Jurrasic Park, the lesson really started. My instructor/guide was also a glider pilot, and he explained in detail how the winds were coming off the 10,000 volcano peaks, and causing major down and updrafts - and how we should pick and choose them wisely, even in a powered plane. The wind really got whipping (20 knots & gusts) on my first ever 182 landing, but I set it down nicely on the northern tip of the island and all was well. Except for my brother. He got sick as we headed back over Kona, and landed at our home base. After a rushed start, the rest of my 2 hours in the air was excellent. The price: reasonable. $165 per hour with an instructor. Much better than parasailing!
REVIEWER: ABA Host; admin@archerbravo.com

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