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FBO NAME: Chambers County RATING: 5 (best)

AIRPORT: Chambers County (T00)
CITY: Anahuac, TX
VISITED: 3/15/07
COMMENTS: Chambers County Airport is nestled off Lake Anahuac in Anahuac, Tx. About 50 miles east of Houston, Anahuac is a small rural town that holds alot of history civil war era. Manager Ron Jackson is a career pilot, flying corporate to rotary aircraft with about 30,000 hours and is a CFI. Offers hangars at a reasonable price and fuel that is usually $1 cheaper than anyone else in the area. Courtesy cars available if you decide to fly in and enjoy the rich history of the town. A great place to visit and see either wildlife refuge, grab a bite to eat. If you are a bird watcher, there are hundreds of different species that are enjoyed by people from all over the country.
REVIEWER: Phillip LaBarbera; phillip18455@yahoo.com

FBO NAME: New Braunfels Aero RATING: 4 (very good)

AIRPORT: New Braunfels Municipal (BAZ)
CITY: New Braunfels, TX
VISITED: 3/1/07
REVIEWER: Kelly Allison; kallison@centurytel.net

FBO NAME: Classic Aviation RATING: 5 (best)

AIRPORT: Addison (ADS)
VISITED: 3/1/07
COMMENTS: Owned/run by a nice lady (Cassie) who only hires friendly CFIs. Rates are equal to or slightly lower than others at the field.
REVIEWER: Eric Leuty; skylinepacific@sbcglobal.net

FBO NAME: Classic Aviation RATING: 5 (best)

AIRPORT: Addison (ADS)
VISITED: 2/23/06
COMMENTS: Always friendly & courteous; best pricing at KADS for rentals; rental aircraft kept clean and well-serviced.
REVIEWER: Jack R. Lewis; jack@jrl.net

FBO NAME: Harvey & Rihn RATING: 5 (best)

AIRPORT: La Porte Municipal (T41)
VISITED: 2/11/06
COMMENTS: Family-style flight school and FBO, good variety of Cessna's for "standard" flight training as well as several aerobatic and taildraggers for the more daring... Friendly, competent, flexible staff of CFI's, excellent airport, easy to reach, fun to fly along the coast, to GLS and beyond.
REVIEWER: f.hanisch@gmx.de

FBO NAME: Signature Austin RATING: 2 (poor)

VISITED: 2/10/06
COMMENTS: I'd like to give Signature a good review, but their fuel and fees for any reason are making flight unaffordable for too many pilots. Heck, I think their name comes from the bills they want you to sign after visiting them! Signature has almost the highest fuel prices in the state, let alone the nation at $5.14 per gallon for 100LL and $5.04 for Jet A. I think this is incredible because it has been around half that only twenty minutes away at local airports. Plus, waiting for clearance and tie down fees add to the overall cost of flying out of Austin. I'd suggest to any pilot to consider flying into Lakeway or another of our close in airports to save at least a dollar or two per gallon over Signature and Trajen at ABIA. Also, I'd check Airnav.com for the latest fuel prices and take on the least amount of fuel possible. This will help keep prices in line for all pilots if we all visit local airports to fill up. And hey, they are more fun anyway! You might even find BBQ on the field.
REVIEWER: Nick; nicklittlejohn@gmail.com

FBO NAME: Southern Flyer Restaurant RATING: 5 (best)

AIRPORT: Brenham Municipal (11R)
VISITED: 2/13/06
COMMENTS: This restaurant is a really good one. They have great $100.00 hamburgers. 11R itself has a fun runway with a fairly steep grade. Combine taking off downhill with a nice headwind and you're off the ground and in the air very quickly.
REVIEWER: Tom Garrison; garrison_household@yahoo.com

FBO NAME: Southern Flyer Restaurant RATING: 5 (best)

AIRPORT: Brenham Municipal (11R)
VISITED: 1/15/06
COMMENTS: Awesome friendly service and at the restaurant, the best burgers and other vitals in the area. People drive to the airport to eat.... Authentic 60's diner atmosphere. Highly recommended.
REVIEWER: Len White; lengwhite@cs.com

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