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FBO NAME: Gorge Winds Aviation, Inc. RATING: 5 (best)

AIRPORT: Troutdale (TTD)
VISITED: Various
COMMENTS: I am a rental pilot currently going for my CFI certificate. I have been flying out of Troutdale, Oregon (TTD)for the past six years. It is located on the south bank of the Columbia River about ten miles east of Portland International (PDX). I used rent at another FBO on the field but switched to Gorge Winds about four years ago after the other outfit folded. I cannot recommend Gorge Winds highly enough! They are a Full Service FBO offering a total package of services: fuel, flight planning, on line weather, charter, instruction, and a friendly knowledgeable staff to help you with whatever you need. Lately they have even added a certified Flight Training Device, although I have no personal experience with that. The aircraft available include a C-152 ($61), two C-172s ($84 & $89), a Piper Arrow ($99), a C-182 ($125) and a C-310 ($226). (The twin is available only for Flight Training, not for "rental" due to Insurance Regulations) In addition there is a spacious, comfortable lounge area right on the flight line, as well as rooms available for rest, training, etc. There is a large roster of available Instructors and the local area offers a wide diversity of scenic opportunities including the Columbia River Gorge, Mts. St. Helens, Hood, Adams, Jefferson, and others, and the Pacific Coast is not far away. In short, the local area offers a wealth of scenic beauty and diversity! However...be forewarned: "Gorge Winds" is not an inapt monniker for this FBO. At certain times of the year, the winds at TTD can be formidable! I have regularly flown in winds that approach 40 knots on the field which can make Ground Operations, Take Offs & Landings a handful, to say the least. However...that said, a proper weather briefing prior to Arrival or Departure should alert you as to whether these legendary winds are a factor to be considered. The winds cited are the exception, not the norm, and I would not be put off visiting this outstanding FBO just because we happen to get more winds than most. By the way, TTD is a Controlled airport which offers a good long (5,400'), wide (150') runway on which to practice your skills, if so inclined. Hope to see you here soon!
REVIEWER: Paul Nadas; zenflydad@hotmail.com

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