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FBO NAME: Solo Aviation RATING: 4 (very good)

AIRPORT: Ann Arbor
CITY: Ann Arbor, MI
VISITED: 5/22/07
COMMENTS: Nice new FBO, with very reasonable rates. Cheapest Arrow and Duchess I've been able to find in the state. Fleet: 2 C150's, $66/hour wet. 1 172, and 1 Cherokee 140, $85/hour wet. Piper Arrow, $113/hour wet. Turbocharged C182, with G1000, $150/hour wet. Beech Duchess, $185/hour wet. Flight instructors, $40/hour I've only seen the Arrow and Duchess, both seemed well maintained, and the interior of the Arrow is in really good condition. Also, the Arrow has working electric trim, and roll/heading autopilot. They offer a Garmin 396 color handheld GPS, with XM weather datalink, for $10 per rental. Overall good FBO, nice feel, friendly people.
REVIEWER: detpilot@msn.com

FBO NAME: Great Lakes Aviation Services RATING: 4 (very good)

AIRPORT: Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International
CITY: Kalamazoo, MI
VISITED: 5/22/07
COMMENTS: 2 newer C172R's, both with IFR certified GPS and autopilot, and one with an HSI, $115/hour wet. 1 older 172M, $100/hour wet. One Piper Arrow with Garmin 430, $140/hour wet. Offer accelerated CFI and CFII courses. Friendly staff, co-located with a 24 hour Duncan, makes after hour rentals a breeze. C172R's are a bit pricey, but worth it for IFR trips.
REVIEWER: detpilot@msn.com

FBO NAME: Dodgen Aircraft RATING: 3 (ok)

AIRPORT: Padgham Field (35D)
CITY: Allegan, MI
VISITED: 5/24/07
COMMENTS: Fleet consists of 2 Warriors ($90/hour wet), a Cherokee 180 ($95/hour), 2 150's ($67/hour), a 172 ($90/hour), an Arrow ($120/hour), and a Seneca (Down for repairs, $229/hour wet). The aircraft are old, maint. could be better. The arrow is down often, the seneca will be down for a few months. The seneca has a GPS, one warrior has a Loran. They also run a paint shop which gets pretty good reviews.
REVIEWER: detpilot@msn.com

FBO NAME: Benz Aviation West RATING: 5 (best)

AIRPORT: Ottawa Executive (Z98)
VISITED: Various
COMMENTS: Great bunch of people. Always willing to help out and go the extra mile, both in training as well as maintenance and all-around help. Planes for rent: 1983 Piper Archer II @ $97/hr. wet 2004 Cessna 172SP @ $115/hr. wet 1968 Mooney M20F Executive @ $120/hr.
REVIEWER: Michael Lichterman; lawmangr@gmail.com

FBO NAME: Flight 101 RATING: 4 (very good)

AIRPORT: Oakland Co. Int'l (PTK)
VISITED: 2/4/06
COMMENTS: Great place to learn how to fly, aircraft mid 70's, seem to be well maintained, 152's block rate $58, reg. rate $68, 172's block rate $76, reg. rate $86. Half the fleet also has Garmin 430 GPS. ( From Archer Bravo Staff: We're expanding in this area soon! Look for more rates in the coming weeks.)
REVIEWER: Tim Bowman; tcbpdb@comcast.net

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